Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thank Goodness for Kids..

Ashlyn reminded me last night that my birthday was coming up.  "Oh, yeah. 25. Wow," I said.  "Mom, you're going to be 26," Ashlyn said.  Thank goodness I have her to keep up with me. After all, I'm pretty sure she is the number one reason as to why my memory is fading so quickly, so she owes me big time.

On another note, Daniel and I have been talking about what pretty plants and trees and flowers to plant.  Remember- we have only lived here since the fall, so I've been anxious to see what all these stick trees I've been looking at all winter really are.  Much to our surprise, when we got home Sunday, this is what the "stick tree" in our front yard is beginning to look like.  Lucky us! One less tree to plant!

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