Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm totally up for doing this again sometime soon... any takers?  All you gotta do is stay up all night and cook it.. no big deal...

30 years!!

Happy Anniversary to the best parents (and grandparents) anyone could ask for!!! My mom and dad have been married 30 years today! Congratulations Mama and Daddy!

Another new project!

I've finally decided to get off my lazy bum and blog again.  After this past weekend in Greenwood, I am pooped! After dinner with friends and game night on Friday night until way past my bed time, and then 2 parties Saturday night that kept me out way too late... I've needed to catch up on my sleep!  But Daniel, Ashlyn and I enjoyed getting to see everyone!!
While we were in town, we finally got the last of my things out of my storage unit.  One of the things happens to be a huge, gorgeous mirror.  It's actually supposed to attach to Ashlyn's dresser, but it is huge.. and she already has a mirror on her vanity dresser... so we are making this mirror our next project. It will soon be hanging in my dining room... as soon as we find some super-duper strong hanging wire.  I. CAN'T. WAIT.
Let the work begin!  (p.s.- ever notice how I say we but the pictures are only of Daniel doing actual work? I'm helping him in spirit..)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Party Time!

What are your plans for the weekend?? My family is heading home to Greenwood! We have an engagement party for an awesome couple tomorrow, as well as a going away party for one of Daniel's friends.  My sister and her man are coming down from Memphis, as well!! It's gonna be a good weekend! I'm sure Abel won't mind staying outside in the gorgeous weather for a few days while we are gone.. Have a very happy weekend, yall!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So, Abel has a girlfriend, and I'm super jealous.

Blueberry update

Home-made pizza night!

So,  the good thing about having a 7 year old is that I can take any idea of mine, place it in her head, then before long it was all her idea.  Meaning- I really badly wanted pizza.  But I'm trying to keep it healthy.  So, I guess a homemade pizza would be better than ordering out, right? But I would feel really guilty about eating pizza, especially since I went a little over my 2 pound a month weight gain at my last doctor's visit. :(  I'm trying to do better!!  Anywho,  Ashlyn and I went shopping.  I passed the pizza miking kits.  I looked at Ashlyn and immediately stopped in front of the pizza stuff.  I asked Ash what she wanted for dinner.  "Maybe hamburger helper?" I quickly shot that idea down.  "What else?" I asked.  "How about a chef salad?" she said. Nope- guess again.  I literally reached over and knocked the pizza kit onto the floor 'accidentally'.  That was when Ash had the great idea to make a homemade pizza for dinner.  Thanks Ashlyn!! You know I'd do anything for you!  If pizza is what Ashlyn wants, then that will be what Daniel and I eat for dinner as well!  We do try to eat something green with dinner every night, so I did add a small salad with it... but I'm sure choosing ranch dressing completely canceled that out.  (But, hey, it was light ranch dressing..)  And guess what I'm doing right now? Eating pie and blogging.  I should probably go for a walk after this before the rain comes...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looong Day

It's been a long day!! I had my monthly check up with my doctor in Meridian today.  Daniel and I headed out early this morning, only to find that my doctor was in surgery.  There was nothing we could do but wait.  So, two and a half hours later, we finally got to see him.  I'm pleased to announce that Kittrell and I are doing great!  Time really is flying by!  After the doctor, Daniel and I did what we do best.  Headed to lunch.  McAlister's was awesome! I drank mine and Daniel's awesome sweet tea.  And could have drank a gallon more, but we still had to go by the mall and Walmart, so I would have to wait awhile till we were at home with my very own clean bathroom. While shopping, we picked out some plants and flowers we wanted to use when we do our landscaping.  We have to get the porch built first before we can landscape though!!  However we did buy these blueberry plants... stay tuned to see how these guys turn out!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Sweet is This??

I know, right? So sweet!

20 down, 20 to go

So, I'm 20 weeks pregnant! That means I'm half way there!  When I asked Daniel if he knew how far along I was, he responded with an, "ummmmm".  Thanks, babe. But I bet he keeps up with it a little better from now on!  His mind is on a lot of other projects, including my front porch!

Daniel has been busy measuring and adding and all this other stuff getting ready to screen in our front porch!! Hopefully before the mosquitoes and moths take over.  Mostly to keep the moths away.  I have an unhealthy fear of moths. And when we moved in this past fall, they liked to take over my porch at night when the lights we on.  Well moths, I'm taking my porch back!  So hopefully soon, I will have a pic of our new porch to share!

While looking through my camera I found some pictures I never got to share.  One of our old leaky faucet we threw out in the yard because we were sick of it, and one of our new awesome faucet.  I recommend getting one just like it.  I LOVE it.  I never would have thought I'd be in love with a faucet, but I am.
and I'll even through in a pic of my plummer installing the sink...

I love my handy man!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Because I Said So!

Ashlyn Dressed herself for church this morning.  Which is fine.  Accept all of the "costume jewelry" going up one arm and down the other.
me- You have perfectly fine church jewelry to wear, and to be honest, that neon orange bracelet doesn't match the red flowers on your dress.
Ash- but I wanna wear this!
me- sorry, but no. Let's find a pretty necklace and bracelet.
Ash- but why can't I wear these bracelets, mom? I'm big enough to dress myself!
me- I know you are, but we all sometimes have a lapse of judgement on what to wear, and what not to wear, and you can't wear neon colored plastic bracelets to church.  Thank goodness you have me here to help you with you wardrobe choices, you know?
Ash- yeah, thanks mom. But why can't I wear this?
me- BECAUSE I SAID SO! Now go sit on the couch and wait for me and Daniel.

The finished product sure did look cute!! (and after church, we all went to brunch at Weidmann's- for those of you who don't know, it's me new fave restaurant- a cross between Giardina's and Crystal Grill- I had the eggs benedict with roasted pork loin- PHENOMENAL! And Daniel said his reuben was the best he'd ever had... If you are in Meridian- eat there!!!) 

Now, back to my hammock......

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nice Night

It's the perfect weather out for a nice bonfire!! Ashlyn especially loved the smores.. as did I!  I also really enjoyed being able to open every window in my house today!!!  Please, oh please, don't turn cold again next week!!

Done! (for now)

If you need me, I'll be here- when Daniel is done testing it out.

Saturday=What Diet?

The Smith/ Upchurch's will be eating well this afternoon!  I heart Saturdays, because I eat whatever I want, and I want homemade cheese sticks!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Always Working

Future home of one kick-butt hammock!! ( and a nice pic of my hard-working hubby)

7 going on 17

Just showing off a little of Ashlyn's artwork.  I've always been a completely cover up the fridge with stuff kind of gal, but unfortunately our stainless fridge isn't magnetic.  I took complete advantage, though, of the side of the fridge that is magnetic.  So all of the art that Ash brings home gets taped to the cabinets.  I get to enjoy it every day. :)
Now. Let me just tell you what my child did last night.  I just the other day couldn't wait to get on here and brag about her, and then this.  So, Thursday morning, Ashlyn was in quite a foul mood.  Daniel and I decided she should go to bed early Thursday night, because she could then catch up on her sleep and get ready for the Cooper's to come over for our bonfire Friday night.  Fridays, when Daniel is off work, we get to sleep late.  Instead of the usual 5:45 a.m., we get to sleep until 6:30.  Daniel was up first. He went to turn on Ashlyn's light in her bedroom and discovered she wasn't there.  Instead, she was all cozy on the couch under my heating blanket watching Strawberry Shortcake.  Assuming that she had just gotten up at her usual 6, Daniel wasn't going to think anything about it.  Until Ashlyn said that she had already watched The Last Song. And Good Luck Charlie.  We had just downloaded Netflix on the WII Thursday night after Ash went to bed.  So her intentions, actually, were to wake up at 1 and play the WII.  But she ran across the Netflix icon and just decided to help herself, even though she knew nothing about what this was on the WII.  So then Daniel asked exactly what time she got up.  She woke up and 1 a.m.  BIG MISTAKE.  I walked in.  IT'S A SCHOOL NIGHT!  What on earth was she thinking?? Then Daniel noticed that the laptop was not in the same place we had left it last night.  She knows she is not allowed on the computer unless Daniel or I see the web address she wants to go to.  But she completely disregarded this rule- heck, Daniel and I were in bed, how were we supposed to know she had been on the computer?? She didn't cover her tracks well enough.  Let me remind you, she just turned 7.  So, I asked her to tell me what websites she had visited.  She said only Nick Jr and PBS Kids. Silly me- I believed her.  It was right before school, and it's test day so I didn't want to punish her just yet to upset her before school.  Daniel and I dropped Ash off at school and headed to Philadelphia to do some shopping.  On the way, I checked facebook on my phone.  And just guess what I discovered.  My 7 year old got on my computer, got on my faceook account, found my mom's page on facebook, and left her a message on her wall.  AT 5 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING.  She's in big time trouble when she gets home..... 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

Abel thinks he owns the house.  And when he is ready to come inside for a nap, we hear a loud thud, and see this at the door.  If only he would clean the dirt off of it when he gets down..


What the hell am I supposed to do with this????

Quick question..

These lamps are in the guest room which is being transformed into Kittrell's room... so can I put leopard lamps in a baby boy's room? I just don't know.. The lamps would go well in my dining room, and I could get a new one for Kittrell's room.. I don't want to get new lamp shades, though, because I do love these lamps.  I have a few more months to figure it all out.. and sorry about the picture- I am NOT a photographer!!


So, I have a lot of stuff.  I don't think Daniel realized this when he asked me to marry him.  He lived in a cute 3 bedroom, 1 bath house in Decatur when Ashlyn and I moved in.  I began moving some of my things to the new house, and Daniel began to worry.  I would tell him not to worry, though, because we were looking to buy a bigger home.  And I had a lot of stuff still in storage in Gwood.  But I didn't really tell him... So we finally found the perfect home for the 3 of us.  We moved everything out of the house in Decatur to our new house, and poor Daniel thought we were finished.  :) Not quite.  After several trips back and forth from Gwood, and my mom and dad making a few trips down to deliver things, and then one trip involving a Uhaul trailer, we were done!!  I still to this day have things in boxes.  We have 3 closets in our house- 1 in each bedroom.  But that's ok.  We have a lot of furniture that serves as decorative/ storage pieces.  And of, course, I am always looking to add more pieces of furniture.  And we have the barn outside for storage.  We are also looking to get a small storage building to put outside eventually, but it's not too big of a priority right now... I guess I'm telling you all of this because if you happen to have any of the above said mentioned items that you don't want, just give me a call!  Anyways, ask my husband what I am obsessed with, and I guarantee you he will say hooks.  Which may be true right now.  I have them in the mudroom, and both bathrooms, and I absolutely love them. I would love a few in my bedroom, but Daniel thinks it may be too much.  He may be right.. As you heard I have a LOT of stuff, and am very happy to have my hooks to hang clothes, jackets, coats, robes, pajamas, etc on.  And I even got my husband to stop leaving his clothes on the floor and instead, find the proper hook to hang them.  Now if only I can Ashlyn to hang her towel on her hook in the bathroom!! Here's pictures or the girl's bathroom, Daniel's bathroom, and the mudroom.  (and check out my new black deep freezer I got for Christmas in the mudroom!!)

I didn't really tidy up before the mudroom pic- Sorry!! I have a few shelves full of stuff until I can get my living room shelves/ computer desk built... so please, don't mind the clutter!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time out for a brag..

So Ashlyn just got home and informed me Valetine's Day is so over and I should take down the decorations. Cupid came to our house Sunday night and left these pretty pictures for us to enjoy- only apparently she is through enjoying them.  Fine then.

On the bragging note, Ashlyn is super smart! She came home with a permission slip from school asking if they could test her even further than they already have to see how 'gifted' she is.  She might be well on her way to being a part of the gifted education program. I sure made one heck of child, didn't I!??!


You know what I hate? Ironing.  I really don't even think I know how to. I really, really wanted to get the ironing done today, but I just can't do it! Is it normal to take 30 minutes to iron a shirt? I really do miss you, Granny. And I love you Daniel- but guess what I need for you to do when you get home from work today? yes- iron.  Unless you decide to take me out for that cheeseburger I've been craving for 2 weeks now.  I love being pregnant. :)

I've decided it's about time to put Kittrell's room at the top of my priority list. Well, with the painting of the living room, and the shelves, and screening in the front porch, and building the deck.  I need my deck for summer.  Kittrell needs this deck for summer. (*hint, hint*) After all, we haven't even really started on the baby's room at all. Thanks to Daniel's cousin, we do have a gorgeous baby bed though!! And Daniel and I found this super cute bassinet at the antique store in Newton.  It was our first official buy for the baby. We definately have a long way to go!! Here is the room so far..

So, there is a dresser and closet on the other wall, but I've got to come up with something to put in the corner where the bassinet is hanging out. And I don't have a creative bone in my body! Anything I do in my home, I get the ideas from the internet. Or magazines. Or Mary Neff. So, as you can see, we have a long way to go! And I love hearing ideas!! And Mom- this next pic is for you- it's just a close up of the fantastic bassinet we bought.  And don't forget that today is Wednesday- new Modern Family on tonight!

P.S.- Check out Ashlyn's haircut!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My "visitor"

I just ran across this picture and wanted to share it with yall.  Let me set the scene first- it was bright and early one morning.  I went to the window to open the curtains and there staring back at me was this rather large "thing". It was a turkey/chicken.  Weird right? Exactly. I quickly closed the curtain back (because, let's face it, I was pretty freaked out by this thing) I know I live in the middle of nowhere... but this is the stuff I have to deal with??  I decided no one was going to believe me when I told the story about the monster bird at my window, so I grabbed the camera for evidence. When I went back to the window, it was gone. Great. That's when I heard the turkey yell coming from my back door. I went to the back door to find this bird apparently wanting in.  It was there for a couple hours before I got sick of it and let the cat and dog out to chase it off, which they successfully did.  And we've never heard from the monster bird again. (Daniel informed me later it was a guinea hen..?? I probably didn't spell that right)  These hens are very annoying creatures that I hope I never have to deal with ever again. Guess this is just another part of living in the hills! 

Happy Tuesday, Yall!!

I have to say, it's great to be back!! I have so much to share, but don't know where to begin! I was looking through pictures on our cameras of the house to share and realized I didn't have any updated ones.  And my house is a wreck right now!! (Hence I should get started on my chores for today) So let's just talk about my living room. Remember how it started? With the camoflauge? UGH! Well, here are a few pics of where we are now.
So, see the little blue square stuck in the chair rail in the first picture? I'm almost positive that's going to be the color on the bottom of the walls under the chair rail, and on the big white wall that you can see in the last picture. Once we get the big white wall painted, I can hopefully get started on the shelves that will also cover the wall!! I can't wait to get shelves! ( Partly because then I can finish unpacking all the boxes full of books and more pictures) I've also been slacking on my decorative painting duties. As you can see in the second picture, I need some wall art! I just need to get painting! And I promise, I will get a picture of the full living room up soon, I just need to clean a little first... which won't get done if I stay on the computer all day.. And I am fully aware that Daniel reads this blog at work, so if things don't get done around the house, he will know exactly why!  And I don't need him second guessing finally getting us internet!! I'm off to clean..