Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another day at the doctor.... and some shopping!

 It's been another long day!  Daniel and I spent the day in Meridian for another doctor's appointment.  I had the awful glucose test in which I am still trying to figure out why they have the right to call it fruit punch flavored.. I didn't taste anything fruity! (oh yeah- I passed!)  Afterwards, Daniel took me out for the chef salad I was wanting.. then on to shopping at Lowe's for a few more porch supplies.  And after that- the Treasure Hunt!!!!! (If you can't tell, I LOVE that store!) They have all of their spring stuff out- fun outside supplies... I was in heaven!  And now- I'm inside enjoying some peace and quiet... quiet until Abel starts making his little yelp noises from his dream he has been having, (It's soooo cute) Ashlyn is in her room watching a movie that she "just absolutely has to watch, mom!!"  And Daniel is outside finishing priming the porch so we can paint and put up screen tomorrow!!  I am pumped about it-  the moths are multiplying outside and I am so ready to get rid of them!  Nasty little butterfly rejects... 

Here's a pic of the pretty flowers Ashlyn picked for me from the tree in the front, and a pic of the picture of Taylor Swift she drew for me on a piece of scrap wood Daniel gave her...

I'm heading to bed soon- I didn't sleep much last night due to the continuous nightmares of alligators taking over our house- I blame the commercial for Swamp People I saw right before bed..

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