Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ashlyn's Awesome Weekend

Ashlyn has been wanting to go with Daniel to the hunting camp for quite some time now. And she recently informed us she was ready to hunt and shoot a gun herself. Well then, go right on ahead! I'm sure Ashlyn would have loved to have gone to the football game this past Saturday, but I had to work. Fortunately, Daniel and Kittrell were going to spend the night out at the camp and Ashlyn got to go with them!! My prissy child got to play with one of her favorite cousins, run around and play in the woods for hours, shoot a gun for the very first time (and wasn't even scared) and even helped with the 'plucking of the ducks'. Not so prissy anymore! BEST WEEKEND EVER, she said. Already planning her next one. So very happy she had such a blast, and so very happy to know there will be future trips for those three so I can get a night by myself again!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

1 More Thankful


Friday, November 23, 2012

100 Day After Thanksgiving Thankfuls in No Particular Order

So very thankful for my children, husband, parents, my sister and my inlaws. God, my job which I love, and my husband's job which provides tremendously for us. My home and my television which provides me with trashy reality shows. My ability to shop- even on a sometimes $50 a week for food/necessities budget. My wonderful coworkers. My ability to walk, and sometimes run. My health, my church, the beautiful Delta where I'm lucky enough to get to live. I'M THANKFUL FOR WINE. Alarm clocks, baby monitors, and indoor plumbing-I've been on church mission trips to Mexico, and those poor folks don't have indoor plumbing- so I'm very thankful for mine. I'm thankful for being able to take Ashlyn to see Justin Bieber, even if I did max out my credit card. My car! The Salvation Army- to donate clothes, and shop for clothes! My dogs, and the vets who neuter them to ensure that we won't surprisingly have any more. My ability to cook. I'm very thankful for my friends, my cookbook club, Giardina's- their food, specials, and patio. Waiters and waitresses who take care of all my needs when I eat out. I'm thankful for college football! The Cooper's, my extended family, Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network. Portable DVD players, fancy pretty scarves, John Wayne, dishwashers, fire pits, Christmas lights, cowboy boots, spanx, fake eyelashes, other people's blogs to read, a great school for Ashlyn to go to. I'm thankful for culinary school and my trip to NYC. The beach, cameras, Tylenol, and Santa Clause- who doesn't love that guy??? Thankful for art, hair dye, and deer- enough deer and we won't have to buy hamburger meat for the year!! My beautiful, fun, full of life niece. Sparkly clothes, just because they are so fun. I'm so thankful for the perfect snuggle buddy every single night when I go to bed. ( yes, you, Daniel). Curtains, cotton, the color green, farmers, Twilight- I'm not a fan, but you seem to make a lot of other people very happy. Jack's Big Music Show and The Fresh Beat Band- for Kittrell's sake. BRUNCH. Thankful for Ellen Degeneres and her show, Good Morning America and Robin Roberts. I'm thankful that Black Friday is here so those annoying commercials will hopefully go away. I'm thankful for baby shoes (and boots) because they are just adorable. John Grisham for making me think I could be a lawyer and win and case thrown my way. Old westerns, fall foliage, tacky singing Christmas decorations for the kids. Trey for teaching me that life is most definitely too short. PIE, and desserts in general. Thankful for my grandparents who are still here and watch my kids whenever I need them to, even if I just want to sit at home in silence for an hour. Cowboy hats, my husband's grilling skills, diamonds- especially the ones I wear on my left ring finger every day. I'm thankful for fly swatters and OFF. Golf, an always supportive husband, confidence, moonshine- for reasons unspoken. Doctors, my Viking knives, garlic, BACON, razors- I do like to shave my legs every now and then. I'm thankful for my children's 'smarts' which we all know they inherited from their mother. Sausage balls, superglue, Michael Jackson songs, fingernail polish, my hair dryer, my straightener, chickens- because I love eggs, bingo, and the Delta Bistro.

Honestly, I can think of about 100 more... But we will save those for another post. Happy Late Thanksgiving, happy Black Friday to all you crazy shoppers, and Merry early Christmas!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Justin Beiber

This kid is great. I wish I could go back and see him again tonight!

He and his dancers put on a great show! That Carli Rae Jepson chick was ok, all she did was get Call Me Maybe stuck in my head again. Fun stuff.

All in all, Ashlyn had a blast. Except for that point during the show where she loudly exclaimed that I was embarrassing her. I'm sure it won't be the last time, sweety, sorry! Maybe it was my dancing, my singing the wrong words, my screaming so loud I lost my voice, but who knows what all I did to 'embarrass' her.

Now, here's a ton of unedited, some blurry, not in any particular order, pictures from the concert.

Getting close to time!
Blurry angel wing picture... the wings Justin flew in on.  I couldn't help but laugh.
Earplugs ready.
OMG it's Justin Bieber!
Just waiting on the Biebs.
He got super close to us!
New Bieber outfit! All purple-  hope no one lost their child- bc you wouldn't be able to find them seeing as how every child there was in purple from head to toe.
We got there early.  Great seats!
Here he comes....
Lot of people....
Oh that's just Justin (in the middle with the purple top and white pants) running around meeting people in the stands before the show.  Great kid, that Justin is.  Except I don't like him for not coming over to Ashlyn's side of the stage!
Justin running around again.
He's an angel!