Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Recap 3-18-11

Friday- The Zoo!

 (Although it looks like it, the horse did not bite Ashlyn's hand...)

  (Yes- I got my 7 year old a stroller- I did not want to hear one complaint out of her about having to walk everywhere.... and yes- a few people stared... but at least we were all happy!)

Funny story about this fountain.... I left to go get a funnel cake, Kiki and Javs went to look at the bears, and Daniel was left to watch Ashlyn play in the fountain.  I left specific instructions for Ash to "only get your feet wet".  Well, this is what happened instead- under Daniel's supervision.  SOAKED.

A fun day at the zoo!!  And I like to think I'm a good mom who's really on the top of my game... well, I packed sunscreen in my bags for Memphis, only I forgot to put it in my fancy Alex and Leo tote that I took with me to the zoo... so we all got sun burned.  Oops.

(P.S.- Laura Merrill- I really hope those Alex and Leo bags come in a smaller version and double as a diaper bag...)

Anyways, after the zoo, we were all hungry and set out to find a place to eat.  We went back by Hoot+Louise to see Ben, Anna, and Finch- who, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is the cutest little boy until Kittrell comes along.  Ben recommended eating at Pearl's Oyster Bar, and we were so glad he did!  I want to go back and order one of everything... The atmosphere was great.. and Ashlyn said her fish tacos were the best thing ever!! Daniel's oysters were amazing!! And my seafood was a whole lot of fried goodness!! 

 (you can tell it had been a LONG day)

Bonus Pic:  My baby's favorite thing to do is swim- if there is a pool, lake, mud puddle, etc, she will be in it.  There are 2 pools at Kristin's apartment building.  Ashlyn wanted to swim.  It was FREEZING.  But, we were on vacation and told her to go for it.  And she did! She hasn't yet started showing signs of pneumonia, so I think we may be in the clear!

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