Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby

No one ever told me making a baby registry online would take so long! There is just soooo much to choose from!  I've been working on it for 2 days and I'm still not done.. and no, I'm not over-doing it at all.  I learned with Ashlyn that there is just so much baby stuff that you don't actually need- plus if you do get too much, where are you supposed to store it all?  But I do hope I get everything I register for!! (hint, hint)  Which reminds me, can you register for home decor while doing a baby registry? Just a thought.  
(oh yes- I'm registered at Walmart.com in case you were wondering...)  But, it's still a work in progress, hopefully I will be done at the end of the week.  I'm trying my best to get Ashlyn on here to pick some stuff out for Kittrell, but she loses interest way too easily.  Like, yesterday- she was more interested in what Daniel was doing outside on the tractor than helping me pick out baby stuff... She'll come around eventually!  (Maybe because I told her I wasn't taking her to Mary Neff's birthday party/ fish fry Sunday if she didn't cooperate with me) (O.k.- so I'm not really gonna not take her home for the party,  she looks forward to the fish fry every year, as do I.) 
Time for me to get off of this computer!  My eyes hurt only after a short while on here- how do you guys work in front of one!! I guess that's why I decided years ago that an office job- sitting behind a desk- was just not for me!
Happy Tuesday, yall!

I'll leave you with a pic of the laziest dog in the world- this is what he does every single day-
(yes- I try my best to get him up and go outside and play, but it just doesn't work!)

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