Thursday, March 3, 2011

A girl is never satisfied...

While waiting on Daniel to find the correct hardware to hang this ridiculously heavy mirror on my wall (something I had the bright idea to do..) I've had nothing but time on my hands.  Which means I'm going to change my mind a few times about where I want it.  Which means I'm probably going to move furniture.. and before you know it we have a completely new living room and dining room.  I'm sure Ashlyn wished she would have missed the bus home yesterday because when she walked in the house I had several pieces of furniture that I needed her help to move.  She was a trooper, though, and was happy to help... After all, she is the one that constantly asks me, "Should you be doing that? Since you're pregnant and all?" No matter what it is I'm doing.  It's sweet.  I've decided this is the perfect spot for the mirror- in my dining room.
Those of you who have had the joy of visiting our home know this by seeing this picture- since the couch is in the dining room now (where I had originally wanted it in the first place but after Daniel's opinions it ended up in the living room), yes- we have a new look in the living room.. nothing too special.  Here's a little pic to get an idea.
I've decided that I need some big vases. Some pretty decorative ones.  I have several spots throughout the house that I could put them.  Hopefully Daniel and I will be going by an estate sale tomorrow in Meridian at an antique dealer's home and find some fabulous things.  I hope!!!  And I guess I can put the treadmill away finally, since it's actually nice enough to go walking outside!!! 

Daniel asked me if the whole re-arranging of furniture would last forever.  I assured him it wouldn't.  But then again, I am a female, and well, I'm never satisfied. With that being said- I think I will paint some more pictures today.  I need some more art on my walls.

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