Monday, July 30, 2012

Sneak Peek

Ok ok. I couldn't resist. It was Ashlyn's very first for real big girl roller coaster ride. So I just had to buy the picture. It's a classic!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Whatcha doin for the opening ceremonies tonight? Me, I'm going to a little get together with some fun friends. And I made a shirt. I could probably go into the shirt making business after this masterpiece. Don't hate me because of my shirt painting skills. We love the Olympics around here. Well, Daniel a lot more than me. He's even had Ashlyn up late at night watching the trials with him. I bet he already has a countdown going for the next winter Olympics. So he can watch some more of that curling action going on. He loves some curling. If you aren't familiar with curling, do yourself a favor and look it up. Very entertaining.

Happy Friday! And pray I don't get sick Monday while Ashlyn, Daniel and I ride ALL of the roller coasters at Dollywood!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kittrell's Birthday Party

So, I've been slacking again.  Not keeping the blog updated.  In my defense, We had a birthday party, then Daniel was sick, then I was sick, then Kittrell was sick, then the weekend came full of stuff to do, then it was Daniel's birthday... But I get a little break- before vacation.  So who's to say when you'll hear from me after this?  Because right after vacation, school starts.  Where has the summer gone??? 

Anywho, Kittrell's 1st birthday party/ fish fry/ throw down was a blast.  We enjoyed spending the afternoon with all of our family and friends!  Kittrell indeed had a great time playing with all of the big kids-  and is still enjoying all of his new toys, books, and clothes!  We are so very lucky to have all of you guys in our lives!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


A new 'big boy' car seat and his first pair of knee boots... That he'll grow into one day! And the main reason I got a baby gate for the other door in my kitchen- I'm tired of picking up after him!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kittrell is ONE!

Our sweet baby boy turned one on Monday. Where has the time gone?? We celebrated with one of Kittrell's favorites- spaghetti and of course, cake! He really liked that cake. And he gets another cake on Saturday when we have his super big fun birthday party!

Kittrell is turning into such a big boy! We upgraded to a larger car seat. We ( finally) bought the kid a pair of shoes. He walked around trying to kick them off at first, but he's warming up to them. He walks everywhere! He's getting his top two front teeth! He's just growing too fast!! We're not talking yet, but that's just fine. We do however, point and yell. I'm working on the whole sign language thing, but he's not picking up on it as quickly as Ashlyn did. Hopefully he'll get it soon, though!

What??  You take my cake and want me to eat this?? Give me my cake back, woman!
Ashlyn tried showing him that there actually was cake under all of that icing...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Golf and the 4th: One Great Week

Don't worry- I'm still here. Just forgetting to blog lately. With the holiday this week and Daniel being off work, we've been busy relaxing. So I guess it's not really relaxing if you're busy... Anyways what's today? Sunday? Only Thursday- could've fooled me! We took Kittrell to his first fireworks show the other night. Technically his first was at the Christmas parade, but he slept through it so that one doesn't count. He loved them! (and Ashlyn finally stopped plugging her ears this year- huge milestone for us) The 4th was spent at George's with our crazy family and friends. Fun crazy, I should say. Let me tell you who is serious about eating ribs- Kittrell. Give him a rid bone and that boy just won't stop! I've also been enjoying a little golf with the husband this past week. It's hot as hades out there but so much fun. Am I good? Heck yeah! Ha- totally kidding. I don't play near the ponds. Because we all know where the ball will end up.

And now, we're getting ready for the weekend! Golf in the morning, followed by work, work and more work. And then.... Somebody's turning 1 on Monday!!! I have no idea why I ended that sentence with exclamation marks. I'm kinda sad.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ashlyn's First Airplane Ride!!

So- last Sunday. What a day. I like to call it the day I almost died. I almost died because I rode in an airplane. I hate riding in planes. I get all freaked out and what not and usually have to take meds to calm my nerves. Sad but true. Ok ok, enough out me.

Fortunately, Ashlyn does not share this fear of mine. Also fortunately, St. John's throws one heck of a bible school kick off party. At the airport. With an air show. And airplane rides. Yep- airplane rides! Still don't know how I got involved, next time Daniel's going with her. Not me. She had a blast!! I was nauseous for a couple of hours after we landed. Kittrell got to play on the fake airplane- I'm not letting him fly yet! Overall, it was a great afternoon- hot, but great. I hope to not do it again any time soon.