Thursday, October 27, 2011


Would I be a bad person if I went back to bed already?  Kittrell was doing so good sleeping for a while but here lately he likes to wake up around 3 a.m. and talk.  So technically, I've been up for a while...

The Nutcracker tickets are finally on sale!! I called and got mine first thing this morning.  But it wasn't so easy seeing as how the Temple Theater doesn't accept credit/ debit cards.  What's up with that??  They have performances there all the time, so I don't get it.  Several months ago, Fantasia was there.  I did not attend that performance.   

It's 10:30 a.m and I already have stinky spit up/ throw up on both sleeves of my shirt and I'm too lazy to walk back to the bedroom and change.  But it's ok- I don't think anyone is planning on stopping by my house today. 

Kittrell hasn't even been rolling over for 24 hours yet, and it's already starting to work on my nerves.  Is that bad to say??  He does so good, rolling back and forth.  But sometimes he gets stuck on his belly and screams louder than you can imagine until I turn him back over.  Let's hope he figures it out soon before I run out of Tylenol!!

Here's some stuff from Pinterest I pinned earlier today....
judge not


(I love you, Daniel!!!)

Yay for the South!

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

He Rolled Over!!

Seriously, like 5 minutes ago.  He just looked so cute laying on the floor so I took his picture.  Then he rolled over.  So I got a before and after.  How lucky is that??  Yay!!


After living in our home for 1 year and 26 days, we finally have base boards. 


So, last night, Ashlyn had another ballet practice.  When we got to the dance studio, I turned off the car, pulled out the keys and started to open the door.  Ashlyn quickly stopped me and said she'd rather walk in by herself.  I may or may not have shed a tear.  I thought she'd be a little older before she decided she didn't need me anymore.  So sad.

On another note, I read an article this morning that didn't make me horribly mad.  (Well, not too much.)

Laura Merrill's sister gets to tell her story about IVF.  Not to mention Laura Merrill's nieces are absolutely adorable.  Anyways, no matter how you feel about the subject (we all know how I feel due to my previous rants) I thought it was an article well worth reading.  Although it still bothers me when people say that the Catholic Bishop is opposed to the amendment, because he has clearly stated that he is NOT opposed, this article does give the actual reasons for him not supporting the initiative.  Others have said nothing more than he's totally opposed, and doesn't go in to detail about the real reasons behind his actions leaving others to think what they will... that's how rumors get started...  Finally, someone with common sense wrote an article and included some real facts and real quotes.  I love it!

Monday, October 24, 2011

After a Nap...

He's just so happy!!!

What Do I Do Now???

Ashlyn's pumpkin!  Daniel and I worked hard on it while she watched.  Go figure.

Kittrell finally caught something on his play mat.  Then he looked at me like, now what??

Too cute.

Seriously, Last One.

I've said it before and I'll say it again-  I do not talk politics outside of my house.  However,  I can't stand to get on Facebook anymore and see nothing but posts about "people being informed incorrectly."  Well, people- seriously, whoever told you that passing amendment 26 would outlaw birth control must have lied.  How would one even put birth control in  the same category as establishing legal "personhood."  Think about it, if you take away birth control, I bet there will be a lot more pregnancies......  NO ONE wants that.  Makes sense, right??  Please, stop your ranting until you want to say something that actually brings about a good point-  Oh and one more thing,  if this thing passes doctors will never let a mother just die.  That's just not right.  At all.  A doctor will always be obligated to save both the mother and child whatever the circumstances,  and if the doctor finds there is no hope for the unborn child, then the doctor will be able to terminate the pregnancy and save the mother.  That is morally the right thing to do.  Don't even get me started on whoever started the rumor that if a woman has a miscarriage she's gonna get prosecuted.  Really?  Did you actually believe this the first time you heard it?  Did you know there was a huge difference in purposely terminating a pregnancy and accidentally losing a child for reasons that are out of your control?  I COMPLETELY understand the concerns about IVF.  It won't be outlawed, however, it won't allow unused embryos to be destroyed.  Plain and simple.     

I swear this is the last time I will talk about this.

 And you can go ahead and start talking about me and everything I just said. 

I'm officially not getting on Facebook until after Nov. 8.  Unless I feel there is an adorable picture of the kids that needs to be posted.  I just can't deal with people who are "completely misinformed" telling others that they are "completely misinformed".  This is why you should NOT talk politics.  Unless your at home with an amazing husband who will listen to you rant.   

Also, since this is my blog and I can say whatever I want without anyone getting mad (seriously- if you don't like what you hear, stop reading) I will say this.  Do I think amendment 26 will pass?  Actually, I don't think it will. 

There, I said it. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Study Up

Just a little something extra to think about.

Nov. 8 will be here before you know it!!

This letter is by no means saying anyone should vote NO.  The Bishop is simply saying that they know this is a touchy subject for all, therefor we should make our own decisions.  Usually, the Bishop would endorse one way or another, but he doesn't want to influence the vote this time. However- you should do some researching, study up on it, and vote what you feel is right.  (Try not to get a headache from reading too much like I did.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!!

This past Saturday morning was spent in Chunky at Lazy Acres.  Like Daniel said, that place feels like your deep in the mountains surrounded by hillbillies.  So true.  But so much fun!

Studying up on the rooster, getting ready for our own.

How cute!

We only got lost a few times in the corn maze... but we never had to call 911 or anything...

Ash enjoyed the big bouncy thing- I have to admit, it was pretty awesome.

Kittrell eating his hand, as usual.

The pig races- where Ashlyn was picked to participate in the pre- race activities!

My picked pig, Elvis, didn't win any races.  Boo.
Hay ride to the pumpkin patch!

And then the ride home- we were all exhausted, but Kittrell was STILL wide awake.  He's almost got his hand-eye coordination worked out, but he always seems to get his nose instead of his mouth!

Daniel's parents came to visit Saturday afternoon, so Ashlyn stayed entertained.  She also got to watch Danny clean squirrels.  I'm surprised she isn't scarred for life.  Sunday was full of squirrel soup and lots of naps.  It was a great weekend at the Smith house!
(and Ashlyn loved it!)

Wake up, Sister!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Break

 Ashlyn had fall break this past Thursday and Friday, and Daniel was off work those two days also, so it's kinda been like a mini- stay at home vacation for us.  Thursday, we went to Meridian for some shopping.  They have a super big super awesome Halloween store full of disgusting scary life sized monster things.  We enjoyed "trying out" every single one of them.  Ashlyn got her Skeleton Bride costume, and we picked up a Sweet Pea (from Popeye) costume for Kittrell.  I also learned that after being on WW for a while, it's a bad idea to go to Cici's for lunch.  I don't think any of us were feeling too good that afternoon!  Friday- that was chicken coop day.  It's getting closer and closer to time to order our chickens!!  I finished a couple of projects, though I still have plenty more to get done...

Thanks again Pinterest, for the monogrammed pumpkin idea- it looks great on my table!

P.S.-  Check out Kittrell's new hangout!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chicken Coop Update

The Tin Roost is coming along nicely. 

Maybe we'll have chickens in a couple of weeks....

We'll see!!

(My husband is building this all by himself... he's awesome..)

And do you like my old radio? Perfect for playing classic country music.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She Never Stops...

Marina Katie, a.k.a. Ninja Cat has graduated from climbing walls to climbing trees.  She climbs all the way to the top, then climbs/runs/falls back down.  Very entertaining to watch.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ah- Weekends...

Ashlyn got her bonfire Friday night.  Kittrell wasn't so sure about it, and went to bed kinda early.  Ashlyn finally gave up and went to bed at 9:15.  Daniel and I acted like teenagers and stayed outside by the fire until 12:30.   What were we thinking?  Well... Daniel found this super awesome classic country radio station that's out of Meridian.  WE LOVE IT.  So much so, that we didn't wanna leave, in fear that we might miss another awesome song!  We played, "Who sings this?"  I did quite well-  Daniel answered Mark Chesnutt for a lot of things so he missed quite a few  :) .  And then we both gave in to the midnight cravings and cleaned Ashlyn out of her chicken nuggets and tator tots. (She still doesn't know yet- so don't say anything.)  It was a great Friday night!  Oh yeah- and Kittrell let us sleep till 6:30, then took 3 hour nap after his bottle-  what a great kid :).

Do NOT make fun of our redneck fire pit.  It gets the job done quite well until we get out real fire pit :).  Thank you.
Saturday night we had a cookout at the Cooper's!  Daniel did an awesome jod with the food.  And Suzanne's dips never seem to let me down.  Ashlyn got to play with her friends- and even got to spend the night.  She was thrilled!!  All I know is, Daniel, Kittrell and I didn't leave until almost 11:00, and the kids were still going strong.  I don't know how Ash wasn't exhausted yesterday!  It was also Kittrell's first night to stay up past 8:00. He was so good as usual- sitting in his seat in front of the TV watching football the whole time.  Just like a man.  Maybe that means he'll be a player when he's older? Or a coach?  Honest to goodness, that little boy hollered every time LSU scored.  I couldn't figure out if it meant he was for, or against them.  So cute!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mornin' Sunshine!

This may just look like ordinary coffee to you, but it's not.  This was all fixed up waiting on me and Daniel when we got up this morning.  Sweet Ashlyn made us coffee- all by herself.  Bless her heart- she said she used 4 tablespoons of coffee and 10 cups of water, to make sure the two of us would have enough.  I still haven't figured out how she reached the coffee cups, and I probably don't want to know...   

Friday, October 7, 2011

French Quarter for Your Thoughts

Is this little gem so totally awesome that it deserves it's very own blog post?  Yes.  Yes it is.  Whenever you see for the next 2 years I will be wearing this magnificent color on my nails.  (Maybe not the next 2 years, but you get the point...)

Friday Catch Up

Another long week has finally come to an end.  You would think being a stay at home mom would come with some down time.. but no.  Kittrell keeps me busy!  He also keeps me very entertained.  (Since they took away my reason for living, a.k.a. 'All My Children', I need to be entertained.)  Like the other day-  I was changing Kittrell's horrifically dirty diaper and he laughed at me the whole time.  Out loud laughing and giggling at me.  Because he knew how bad is was! So that didn't make the whole situation as bad as it actually was. 

Ashlyn's favorite season is fall, just like her mama.  Why?  Football and bonfires.  Actually, I think it's mostly because she just loves to ring her cowbell.  And she is only allowed to ring her cowbell when State scores.  And we all know how that's going this year....  However, last Friday she got her first bonfire and she's already begging for another one tonight.  We do live out in the country so why not take advantage and have a bonfire every now and then?

Daniel and I are officially done with weddings and parties in the Delta for a little while.  We finally are spending more time at home!! And Ashlyn finally gets to go to ones of her friend's houses tomorrow- since we aren't dragging her out of town yet again.  She is such a trooper!  (And so excited for some play time with GG and B!)  Daniel and I are excited to have an afternoon of cooking out and SEC football at the Cooper's.  Best part about it?  They only live like 10 minutes down the road.  When's the last time Daniel and I hung out with friends and then were at home, in our own bed, at the end of the night?  It's been a while!! 

Which reminds me, I must remember to put Kittrell's bulldog onesie on him in the morning and have him sitting in front of the TV in time for the game.  I swear he is a good luck charm.

I bet you haven't seen a picture of Sofia in a while.  (She rolled over for the first time this week!!)  Here she is getting ready for the baptism...
Isn't my Goddaughter/ niece the cutest??

Which also reminds me- I watched the baptism video the other day.  I don't get motion sickness, but this video made me a bit woozy!!  Those of you who weren't there, Ashlyn had my Flip camera recording everything.  She does not have a steady hand...  She was in her seat, then up front standing with all of us, then back in her seat, then where ever else she wanted to go.  But hey- whatever she wanted!  It's her baby brother and she is a huge part of the family!  She was so proud of her brother and cousin.  She made the day even more special.  Having the whole family together was wonderful!!

Which also reminds me of yet something else!!  I'm so glad I have my husband to share a glass of wine with and to talk about people.  Could we be talking about you?  Maybe. (Oh don't even act like you don't talk about people!)  Daniel usually keeps me in line and tells me to keep my mouth shut.  Which I am thankful for.  I guess sometimes you do just have to keep your mouth shut.   Amazing the revelations you have at 8:00 p.m. on a Thursday night.

Let me step down off of my soap box...

Apparently Kittrell is through with his morning nap.. his screaming keeps getting louder and louder...  I'm going to tend to my sweet little guy- you all have a fabulous weekend!!

(Go Dawgs!!) 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hand Sucking, Ballets, and Zombies

Kittrell discovered his hands a long time ago, but just recently, he began to suck on them.  Very loudly.  I am not exaggerating at all when I say that I can be in my bedroom on one side of the house and he can be in the living room on the other side of the house, and I can hear him sucking on his hands.  It's cute, though.  And I don't want you to think that I leave him unsupervised in the living room all the time.  I'm just sayin...

Last night, I took Ashlyn to her first "Nutcracker" rehearsal.  She loved it a lot more than the auditions/ first practice they had.  (That may or may not have to do with the fact that I bought her some newer, better fitting ballet shoes- that child is growing like a weed.)  The only thing I didn't like?  Rehearsal wasn't over until 8:00.  And we have a good 30-40 drive home.  And in case you didn't know, if Ashlyn doesn't go to bed at precisely 8:00 p.m. sharp, she is an absolute terror to deal with the next morning.  But, she got it honest.  I'm a grouchy morning person, too. :)

And surprisingly, we were all up at 5:30 this morning getting dressed, eating breakfast, and being nice to each other.  I still can't believe it.

P.S.  Is it normal if your 7 year old tells you that she wants to be a dead zombie vampire bride for Halloween?  Should I be worried about this one??  Whatever happened to princesses and butterflies?