Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Recap 3-17-11

It was a great week!
Here is how Thursday started out:

We finally made it to Kiki's!!! We all went for a walk to check out where she was living.  A great area downtown, I might add. I made my family stop for a few photo ops-

Yes, that is the Mississippi behind us.  Kiki lives right off of Riverside Drive.  How cool is that?  Next we took off for a walk heading towards South Main.  We stopped to eat at Arcade Restaurant for lunch and I discovered that the best sandwich on the face of the Earth was hiding there this whole time.  It was the 'Memphis Thang'- Roasted turkey, roasted red peppers, brie, red onions, and spicy mustard.  I will be reenacting this sandwich at my house in the near future.  They have these huge pictures hanging on the wall of Memphis years ago and to occupy Ashlyn's time I told her to go see if she could find her Papa in one of them.

  Also- we discovered that Hoot+Louise was right there! So, we went shopping. AWESOME store.  AWESOME. It is your true blue vintage store- clothes, accessories, and even some neat little just 'things'.  (And of course, in honor of Finch, the cutest baby boy until Kittrell comes along- they even have some baby items; I've got to get Kittrell a H+L onesie!)  After our little outing, we went back to the apartment to freshen up for our trip to Beale Street.  Our first stop?

For this:

The BBQ nachos and.... wait for it... the sausage and cheese plate!
O.k.- so who doesn't love a sausage and cheese plate? Alfred's has the best one on earth.  You can just save it- don't even try to argue with me. It is the BEST hands down. BEST.  I mean- just look at it!

And here is Ash and Kiki with their matching St. Patty's sunglasses...

After dinner- Silky's to catch some beads!!!  Here's the thing- this is Ashlyn's first trip like this.  And we determined that she loves to catch beads way too much.  After it all, Daniel informed me that Ashlyn will never be allowed to go to Mardi Gras, because- well, she was having way too good of a time! ha!  But it was precious- Ashlyn up on Daniel's shoulders, and both of them yelling for some beads. PRICELESS!

Here is Ashlyn in action-

 (Told you it was precious)
(Notice how noone else is screaming for beads at this point, because the "throwers" were taking a break- but Ash- she doesn't take breaks)

And here are all her beads!
(just turn your head sideways- I don't have time to crop photos)

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