Thursday, March 10, 2011

So Helpful!

I ended up being on my feet for a majority of the afternoon/ evening yesterday.  I pulled up my pants leg and looked down and said- "holy crap- I'm losing my ankles."  Ashlyn, of course, said, "Mom, your ankles can't disappear- you wouldn't be able to walk."  "You'll understand what I mean when you grow up and have babies of your own and your feet swell like mine do," I told her.   She then ran to her room and got her pedicure supplies and gave mama a total foot rubdown.  She is AWESOME.  She takes such good care of me!! (She also informed me that from now on, every day when she gets home from school she is going to do her homework, eat a snack, then rub and lotion my feet.  I wonder if she will remember that when she gets home today...)
(yep- that's my baby... she refuses to wear pants at home)

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