Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm so over.....

I'm soooo over...

1) Painting the porch

2)The bees, wasps, and hornets that think they have part ownership of my porch- sorry guys, but those nests you had here last year are long gone..

3)Some people's laughable facebook statuses (who are you trying to impress??)

4) My belly itching 24/7

5)The backaches!!

6)Telemarketers... and they guy that called today looking for the Danny Smith that owns the tractor store in Rose Hill- who when I said I didn't know a Danny Smith that owns a tractor store proceeded to argue with me about why the name in the phonebook next to our number says Daniel Smith and when I told him there were several Smith's in the world and several other Danny/ Daniel's just couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that he had the wrong number!! I ended up telling him to get a life and to please not call back- but I did wish his dumbass luck with his search. 

 (I've been painting ALL day, and I'm tired, so a few profanities may slip out- but it doesn't matter because it's my blog and I can say what I want!)

7)The damn dog next door that comes to my house to eat things... for example, my rug, Ash's shovel, our extension cord....  The dog has a date with my b.b. gun)

8)Always wanting to rearrange every room in my house because I get bored with the rooms so easily

9)My feet hurting after only being on them for 2-3 hours... I used to work 12 to 14 hour shifts on my feet!

10) Well, as you can see this could go on all day.. I'll have to add to this list later on!

Have a great weekend!!!!

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