Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shopping Success

Ok, so I went to the Treasure Hunt yesterday and picked up some poster frames.  For 60 cents each.  Yep- 60 cents.  And although they aren't super fancy frames, they did actually help me get some things done around my house.  I've had 2 of Ashlyn's pieces of art hanging out just waiting to go up on the wall- they've been waiting since she was in kindergarten last year.... and I've had some old posters from High Cotton and Balloonfest in Greenwood just waiting for some frames.  Also, I went to New York City years ago, and have had a few little souvenirs just hanging out in a plastic bag- I kept saying I was going to make a collage of some sort with them... at some point.  Well, I finally got Ashlyn's art, at least one of the posters, and my New York memorabilia ready to hang in my hallway of memories! I'm still patting myself on the back.  I'm also seriously considering driving back to Meridian later and getting the other 4 frames they had left....

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