Friday, April 1, 2011

I hate Fedex. I heart snail mail.

First off, I hate to inform you that April Fool's day at our house was a complete failure. Ashlyn is just too smart for her own good.  Daniel and I ran into her room this morning and turned on the light.  I told her she was missing school because we had to get to the hospital- and to hurry and pack up a bag of things she might want to keep her busy cause it could be a long day.  Daniel then said it looked like Kittrell was coming early!Ashlyn immediately jumped out of the bed with wide eyes, but 2 seconds later, she said,"No he's not.  It's April Fool's Day." Then she got back and bed and covered her head with the covers and ignored us for a while. She's no fun!


Daniel is off work today, but that doesn't mean he's not working.  Our pasture looks amazing!  Daniel has been on the tractor all morning and I am very pleased with the results.  I'm just so glad the rain is finally gone and the sun is out... plus since Ashlyn and I are going to Gwood Sunday we will be out of the way for him to get even more done!! Yay for the best husband ever!  (I'm so going to lay in the hammock later and watch him finish up with the mowing...)


So, today I FINALLY got my package from Old Navy I've been waiting for forever!  2 weeks ago, I ordered a few maternity items online, because, well, in my opinion, Old Navy as the best fitting, most comfortable maternity clothes ever. (But my jeans from Motherhood are pretty badass, too.)  When you order stuff online from them, you get free shipping if you spend $50 or more.  Not a bad deal- if you don't mind waiting 7-9 business days.  I didn't mind.  But when the 9 days was up 2 days ago, I got a little perturbed.  Anywho, long story short- after tracking my package I learned that it was "in transit" in Little Rock.... for 15 hours.  Little Rock, MS is a super small little community... where the heck is this Fedex truck keeping my package??? Finally, this morning, apparently the Fedex guy got tired of taking care of my package,  because he delivered it to the post office.  Heaven forbid he drive 5 more minutes down the road and actually deliver the package himself.  When I last tracked the package, it said "delivered to post office- allow 1-2 more days for delivery." Stupid Fedex.  UPS happily delivers here all the time.  But, when I went to check the mail, our awesome mail man had crammed my package in the mailbox. (We have a super large mailbox.)  Moral of this story? Fedex has lost this girl's business!  And our mail man will find a super nice Christmas gift waiting in our mailbox for him next year!  Stick with snail mail, people- and don't opt for free shipping unless it really doesn't matter to you.  But, like I told Daniel, I can't get too mad, because I LOVE my new dresses and skirts!!


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