Thursday, April 7, 2011

Caterpillar Drama

It's that time of year.  Caterpillars everywhere.  Yesterday afternoon, Ashlyn wanted to put a caterpillar in her critter catcher to keep as a pet.  So, we caught the bug and surrounded it with leaves.  I figured that's all it would need to survive.  Ashlyn wanted to take the caterpillar to school, but I told her to ask her teacher, first.  I went outside earlier to do some sunnin' and stopped to check on Abbigail (caterpillar #1's name).  Abbigail wasn't moving.  And she still hasn't moved in about 3 hours.  Oops.  Knowing that Ashlyn had gone to school to seek permission from her teacher to bring her new pet to school Friday, I thought to myself, "Well, hell."  Lucky for Ashlyn, I am the best mom ever!  You would have thought I was crazy if you had come to my house today.  I was walking around all greased up with tanning oil- showing no shame in my larger size- wearing an old swim suit that's gettin kinda small.  Hunting for a damn caterpillar to replace Abbigail.  And Ta- Da! Meet Carli.  I just hope she survives the night unlike her twin Abbigail.


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