Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At 4a.m......

We were here.... where were you?

Ashlyn was having fun reading books by the candlelight, I was miserable listening to the roof blow off the house. (And yes- that is my purse. I make sure when tornadoes come, everyone is dressed, has on shoes, and I have my purse and cell phone with me. Seeing as how this storm blew in out of no where in exactly .02 seconds, I didn't have enough time to pack an extra outfit in a tote bag for everyone like I always do. I like to be prepared.)

And then, at 6a.m., this is a little of what we found... a sure sign that we were meant to stay home today- Ashlyn's school is closed, so she gets to stay home again. Let me re-phrase that; she HAS to stay home as she says, because she is the only child I know who would rather be in school.
I didn't like that tree anyway. I've been wanting Daniel to cut it down. So the storm just did me a favor. Too bad Daniel had to spend his morning cutting it up and moving it out of the way.

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