Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anyone Else SO Over the Weather??

It was a nice, long 4 day weekend for me and Ashlyn. We left last Thursday after a tornado blew through our area (in which I was home alone having a damn heart attack). And now we are back home getting back into the swing of things getting ready for even more tornadoes to come this afternoon, tonight, and tomorrow. Just great.

Easter was so nice! And I got me a big ole serving of creamed potatoes Sunday for lunch. It was Heavenly. I think the Easter bunny thought it was Christmas judging by all the fun stuff he left for Ashlyn. Aside from the ants trying to get all of her Easter eggs, I'd say the day turned out quite nice. Oh, and me consuming my body weight in jelly beans made the weekend even better. And, let's not forget the yummy pounds and pounds and pounds of crawfish I had at Webster's Saturday. I'm ready for next year!!

On another note, did anyone see Dancing with the Stars last night? Hanson. Really? I had the remote up ready to switch the TV over to Antiques Roadshow when I heard Tom say, " and here with their #1 hit MMMBop, Hanson!" I do believe I laughed out loud. That also answered my question about whether or not they still existed. Not that I ask myself that question often or anything. I called to make sure my sister was watching/ hearing this because I know she was/ is a huge fan. And then, afterwards, Tom went on to say that they would be back on the show tomorrow night with a song off of their new album. Ha. New album. That's funny. Funny that these guys actually still do exist. I wish I could find my old Hanson CD for Ashlyn to listen to. But they all have short hair now- it's just not the same. However, all this Hanson drama I was having in my head suddenly made sense when I found out it was guilty pleasures night on DWTS. BURN. They weren't asked to be on the show because of their amazing talent. That made me laugh out loud even louder.

Time to go get my house back in order before the storms hit. Since it will be raining the next 2 days, Daniel stayed outside till super late last night mowing the yard and getting the garden ready. Check out the future home of the Smith garden-

Well, at the end of the week, I'm sure it will just be a big muddy mess, but maybe this weekend Daniel and I can start planting some vegies!

And the thunder rolls....

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