Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Fake" Fish Tacos

I'm Catholic.  It's Friday.  It's Lent. We like fish sticks. And we love fish tacos.
So, I had the great idea of preparing fish stick tacos for dinner last night.
I took great offense when Daniel called them "fake" fish tacos.  Although this is mostly true, because a fish stick is, well, we won't get into that- still- they were to be called fish stick tacos.
Add some slaw and some sliced avocado, and these things were pretty awesome!
Huge pat on the back for this one, Lauren.

And now, it's Saturday! It's early, it's already warm outside, Ashlyn is playing in the kid pool (a.k.a. Abel's swimming pool because that is all we have right now) and I'm heading out to lay in the hammock and work on my much needed tan!

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