Friday, April 15, 2011

SO excited!

I am pumped.
Ashlyn and I spent the afternoon yesterday in Philadelphia getting our season passes to Geyser Falls activated.  I don't think Ash knew what this water park was all about until we turned onto Black Jack Road and she could see the big water slides.  (She was disappointed, though, because you just can't see ANYTHING from the front gate- and she was wanting to take a quick tour) But, the park opens tomorrow! ( sadly, Ashlyn won't be here, so we have to wait a couple weeks- but April 30 will be spent at the water park!)  We definitely plan to go quite often- I will just play the role of "beached whale" and lay on the beach while Ashlyn plays.  Daniel gets to go with us a few times to take Ashlyn on the big water slides.  If you find yourself bored this summer, call us and we can all go to Geyser Falls!  I already can't wait till next summer so I can enjoy some water slides myself!  Well, I said we were going to go often, but actually just as often as we can afford, because, of course, 'no outside food or drink allowed', and things inside the park are not cheap!
Anyways, I just wanted to brag to you Delta folks, because I have season passes to a water park and yall don't! AND I live 30 minutes from a water park and yall don't!   But seriously, come visit us anytime!

(p.s.- have I mentioned Sugarland at Golden Moon June 24th? Only 30 minutes away...:)

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