Thursday, April 28, 2011


I knew I entered the crazy phase of my pregnancy a long time ago, and it only keeps getting worse. I dreamed ALL night long about eating pizza. ALL NIGHT. Nothing but pizza. I did finally eat CC's Pizza in Meridian a couple of weeks ago and fell in love. I remember when I still lived in Greenwood, getting ready to make the big move down here, Mary Neff told me I was pretty lucky because we had a CC's Pizza. Well, it took me this long to finally try it, and man, have I been missing out. I'm sure I was getting on Daniel's last nerve because with every bite I would say, "OH MY GOSH! Why have I never eaten here!!!!!" I knew I wanted to go back ASAP and eat again, but I didn't realize until last night just how bad. I mean really, who dreams about sitting in a booth eating pizza all night long??? And did I mention they have the absolute best desserts known to man? I was just wanting to scream out, "DAMN!" after I tried them. I need to go back and eat up while I still can, because we all know food like that will not be allowed at all after Kittrell gets here! Also, if you can't tell I pregnant after reading this post, then I don't know what your problem is! Only I would dream about eating pizza all night long!!

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  1. Seriously, laughing out loud at work. CC's is pretty amazing, isn't it?!?! I'm happy that you are happy!