Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday Funday!

I finally think I caught up on my sleep from this past weekend.
And what a fun weekend it was. Hard to believe it's already Tuesday!  My yard and pasture look absolutely fantastic.  I'm so proud of my husband! If I get to come home to this every time I go out of town, I'm leaving a lot more often!
  Ashlyn and I went to Greenwood Saturday night (after I got completely sunburned in a very short period of time in my front yard) to spend some time with Meme and Kiki.  And of course, we had Mexican for dinner!  I went to bed early Saturday night because I knew I had a big day Sunday.  After church with the family and lunch at Granny's on Sunday, we had a big ole' throwdown at Mary Neff's house for her birthday.  Who doesn't love a fish fry?? And of course, I took my camera- but it sat in my purse.  Mary Neff took pictures though! And she has some on her blog- just click here to check it out! (and check out her blog every day because it's some kind of fun!)  SO. MUCH. FUN.  I even stayed until 9 p.m.
I know- crazy!  Ashyn and I were exhausted!  I gave Ashlyn the option of just skipping school Monday because she has all A's, she hasn't missed any school yet, etc., but she declined.  And although the long drive home was brutal early Monday morning, I was glad Ashlyn made us come on back so that we could avoid all that nasty weather we got yesterday!  When I finally got home, I slept. And slept some more.  I could have sworn to you a had the worst hangover ever yesterday, if only I had been drinking Sunday that may have been true- but I'll just blame it on staying up too late.  9p.m. is way past my bed time! 

 I also learned this weekend that Kittrell is shy.  When we are around a large group of people he just won't move! Get mama and Kittrell alone together, and he's moving all over the place for me.  Maybe he'll loosen up a bit soon!

I'm taking it easy this week to get ready for River to the Rails this weekend.  Magnum P.I.G. is cooking!!  And Ashlyn FINALLY gets to stay home this weekend and go with us.  I promise to remember to actually take pictures.  And I hope I remember that I promised to take pictures.  I have super bad pregnancy brain- let's hope I even remember to pack underwear for this weekend. :)

Told you it looked good!!!  Makes you just wanna go run around in it, right?   Daniel opted to leave some of the bushes because we found out we had quail living on our land.  I love to eat quail...

Ashlyn apparently thought her lay out chair was going to put itself up...  but check out that background!

Abel follows Ashlyn everywhere! So cute!

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