Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Few of my (Crazy) Thoughts

I wish I hadn't ever started watching soap operas.

I never bought Drain-o until I married Daniel.

I wish the Special K blueberry bars were 0 calories instead of 90, and the serving size was 5 bars instead of 1.

I've decided to quit mopping forever- Ashlyn tracks mud in the house every single day so it's no use.

I wish my pregnancy would quit messing with my brain.  I forget everything.

My eyesight has gone to hell, too.  I can't see the T.V. anymore to watch my soap operas.

I really want my garden to plant itself.

Why won't our blueberries grow?

I really need to print off all my pictures on my camera.  And get a new memory card.

I'm really over looking at Daniel's bobcat in the dining room every day.

Someone should donate some deer antlers to me.  I have a project in mind.

I really want dinner from Delta Bistro tonight.

I'm so happy Ashlyn is interested in the guitar but I hope she hurries up and learns how to play it soon.  I don't know how much more I can take. 

I hope I have time to work on my tan tomorrow.

Dryer's done- more clothes to fold!

(Just in case you every wanted to know what went on in this pretty little head of mine over a 5 second span- well, there you go.)

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