Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Bacon Wrapped Memorial Day

I love a summer holiday. Daniel's off work and school is out. And we know how to throw a party outside. So yesterday, we unpacked the yard games and attempted to put up the pool. The pool hasn't worked out yet, but I'm hoping we will have it up and going by this weekend. Another reason I love summer holidays? The food. And we chose a menu that was pretty much wrapped in bacon. The chicken spedini's were wrapped in bacon. The green beans were wrapped in bacon. I told Daniel we should have wrapped the smoked sausage for the sausage and cheese plate in bacon. But that would have been too much. And we left it out of the potato salad. Made me sad.

And the worst part about it all? I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Which means I had to get weighed. But the weird thing? I actually lost weight again. Super weird. But no worries, Kittrell is still steadily growing. And he has also "dropped". And you can look at my belly and tell. Amazing how babies in bellies work. So, of course, since I'm losing weight instead of gaining it, I can eat whatever I want. And today, I introduced Ashlyn to Cici's pizza which she loves almost as much as I do!

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