Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shout Out to the O

And no- I'm not talking about Oprah.

Let me begin by saying I'm so glad none of you can see me right now, sitting all awkwardly in my desk chair with a certain someone's foot stuck in my rib cage. SO uncomfortable.

Back to the O. that is. And UPS!! I ordered bedding for Kittrell's room Tuesday night. Today is only Thursday, folks, and guess what's almost here? Yep- Kittrell's bedding! Seriously- the package took 2 days for delivery. I paid $2.95 for plain ole UPS ground shipping expected to take 5-10 business days to deliver. And those awesome guys at UPS only took 2 days. I'm still in shock. Screw you, Fedex. Just out of curiosity, I clicked on the package tracking link while on the O, and my jaw dropped when it told me my package was on the truck for delivery today. WOW. Is it weird that I'm this excited about how awesome UPS is? Maybe. And not to mention Overstock actually shipping my order right after I ordered it. Daniel better get the debit card from me, because I see a lot more purchases from these guys in my future...

So, today is a sad day for me. Because it's Cinco De Mayo. And I would give anything to have a fish bowl sized strawberry margarita in my hand right now. Ok, so not anything... I'd kinda rather be having a baby, but you get the point. This bad ass Viking blender Daniel and I got for a wedding gift is going to get a lot of use after July 9th!

While I'm thinking about it, anyone know what to do about your dog's gas problems? Abel is getting tired of me following him around with air freshener... another thing I'm glad none of you can see. But seriously, that dog ate something bad!! And at the same time, he's just the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

For the record, I tried to put Ashlyn's sombrero on Abel to take a picture of him celebrating the day, but he wasn't having it. I'll try again later!

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