Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reason #36 Why I Love Treasure Hunt, Baseboards, and Another Doctor's Appointment!

Most awesome swing ever- at a very, very awesome price. If you would like to know the other 35 reasons why I love Treasure Hunt, see previous blog posts, or just call me! Daniel and I got very lucky today on our shopping trip!

While looking at the picture of the most awesome swing ever, I noticed that you can so see that I still don't have baseboards. But that is about to change. New baseboards will be coming my way soon!

I had another doctor's appointment today. It wasn't too fun. I got all shot up with steroids, and am going back in the morning to get shot up again in the other hip. Let me tell you, that stuff hurts like hell. Which made Daniel ask a very logical question- why exactly do all these athletes take steroids?!! It hurts!! All is good, though. No worries. Just wanna make sure Kittrell's lungs are good and developed before my actual due date. Cause, as my doc says, he's a "wimpy white boy" because, well, he's white, and his lungs develop a lot slower than that of a little girl's. There is quite a good chance Kittrell may either come early on his own, or we may need to induce early. Which is fine by me! After putting the baby swing together, I can't wait! Seriously, I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself!

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