Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It was a crazy morning here for me today. I woke up and was a little quiet. I was reminded of how lucky I am to still have my mama and daddy here with me. Also, so thankful that Ashlyn has me and Daniel. She has us to tuck her in every night. Ashlyn, though, knows how lucky she is and I love that. She lets me know all the time. She knows she is lucky to hear, "Good morning, sunshine!" every morning from Daniel as he turns the light on in her room to get her up for school. She said in her prayers one night a long time ago, "Thank you for Daniel being so happy every morning." I was never able to talk about that because it always chokes me up! I guess I'm not happy enough in the mornings to have made her list... I'm so thankful for my family, yet almost feel selfish at the same time talking about it, knowing that there was a wife and kids who woke up without their father this morning. After losing my brother in law in '06, Ashlyn and I know how precious time spent with family really is, and this is just another reminder. I'm reminded how silly it is to be so selfish. And how silly it is to "go to bed mad". I'll start today by hugging my husband and daughter a little tighter every morning as they leave together to go to work and school. I think I'm going to spend the rest of this week playing outside with Ashlyn more, and not being so worried about getting all of these chores done. (and just in case I don't say it enough, I love you, Daddy!)

In case you haven't seen my pinterest page lately, look what I ran across yesterday! I found Kittrell's baptism outfit!

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