Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's a Girl's Weekend!

First off, have I showed you the completed front porch? We're done. Completely done. Well, Daniel is done- I didn't do too much there at the end.

Also, we've had these little strawberry plants for a while now. They finally decided to give me some strawberries. They are pretty small, but I ate these for breakfast this morning and I must say, they were pretty AWESOME!
Don't worry- you and I both know that that's not the only thing I ate for breakfast. Kittrell ate quite well this morning!

Daniel is at home for some fishing and a crawfish party at Spring Lake, and Ashlyn and I are headed to the water park for some girl time! I'm also getting a little exited about laying out on the beach this afternoon listening to the Beach Boys. Like the real Beach Boys. This should be fun! I'm sensing a super fun Memorial Day weekend for the Smith/ Upchurch clan. Hope the same goes for all of you guys!

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