Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Fun Weekend!

Daniel and I made the trip to Gwood Saturday morning... we ended up with some pretty awesome yard furniture! I'm sure it's gonna look great- but first we have to get it off the trailor. And Lord knows I can't pick this heavy wrought iron stuff up. So we will see where it ends up later.

Saturday afternoon was spent split between the Robert Johnson Festival and Giardina's. The festival was SO MUCH FUN! Are we gonna do this every year? I think we should. We'll see...

I have to say, I make it a point NOT to read the Greenwood newspaper because it is full of nothing but people "bitching" about something. However, I did read the paper from Friday while I was home, and low and behold there were people "bitching" about who was benefiting from the festival. Really?? Geez, people. Get a life! It was a fun festival. Get over wanting to know who benefited from it- because we all know all this back and forth BS boils down to black and white. And you know what? Both were at the festival having a damn good time! Hold on- let me step down off of my soap box.

Ok, that's better.

After the festival, and some quick visiting at Giardina's, we went home to eat... and then I was super sleepy and went to bed. Therefor, I didn't make it back to the festival to see more friends and Warren Haynes. :( This getting sleepy and skipping out on stuff seems to be happening a lot more here lately.. wonder why???

And now, it's Monday already. And I'm 31 weeks along in my pregnancy!! Woo Hoo!

You guys are lucky- because I actually took a picture this weekend. Only one though. But at least there's one! I took a quick pic while Cedric Burnside was playing... Enjoy!

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