Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My house is clean. Too clean, in fact. I can't seem to find much else to do. So, Ashlyn and I are spending a lot of girl time together. Too much time, in fact, because we are just alike and seem to but heads quite often. But that's fine. Another reason to head to Geyser Falls tomorrow to get her and me out of this house! We all got out of the house today and headed to Meridian to another ultrasound and doctor's appointment. Kittrell is packed tightly in my belly!! And already 6 pounds! By this time in my pregnancy with Ashlyn, she was born and only 4lbs 15oz. So, I've never carried a baby this long, and I've never had a 6 pound baby in my belly before! I knew he was big, though. Considering I don't sleep anymore because of him. We are ready and waiting!! (Judging by the placement of his head, which I like to call "low and ready to go", I'd say he was ready, too!) Only 3 1/2 weeks to go!
Kittrell had his hand in his mouth during the entire ultrasound- so cute!

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