Monday, June 6, 2011


Monday. It's been a long and boring day. And it's still too hot to function outside. Here's what I was thinking about while sweating my rear end off in the pool earlier.

I remember this picture like it was just yesterday. My pasture looks pretty covered in snow. And I remember being outside freezing, saying to myself, "I can't wait for summer." Next time, I will be careful about what I wish for.

I hate to think about it, but I'm afraid it's gonna be a slow and boring week. But, Daniel is off work Friday. And we get to go home for what I expect to be an awesome baby shower Saturday! I have a great family :). And Ashlyn can't wait to open presents Saturday! She's been patiently awaiting our baby shower just so she can open all the presents for me and Daniel. But hey, at least that means she's some what finally interested in her little brother! (Even if it's only the gifts she is interested in- she's at least showing some sort of interest.)

Hope everyone has a great week! Don't over heat, and heck, just don't go outside.

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