Friday, June 17, 2011

I Have GOT to Stop!!

Buying new things for Kittrell, that is. But I just can't! Here's a new hang out spot for Kittrell. It will also be his bed at his Meme's house, I'm sure. It's super easy to pack up and take along on a road trip. Now, what can I buy next??...

It's 8:15. It's Friday morning. And I can't seem to get Ashlyn out of the bed. I think summer is finally taking a hold of her!! Yay! (Plus, Geyser Falls wore the both of us out yesterday- I finally had to remind Ash that I was 9 months pregnant and needed a nap big time- so we had to go!)

I have a big weekend ahead of me. It's my 1 year wedding anniversary tomorrow. And I couldn't be happier. :) Also, we just may have a special Father's Day planned for my special husband on Sunday. Even though Ashlyn can't seem to keep a secret and spilled the beans to Daniel yesterday about what the gift is we got for him. I swear that child can't keep her mouth shut! Oh, well. He has specific instructions to still act surprised. From now on, I'm shopping by myself!

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