Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting Ready for the Weekend!

First of all, my dog has got to relax. One of Marina Katie Funcat's favorite places is under the recliner, and Abel freaks out when he doesn't have his eye on her. He usually goes outside around midnight every night. But last night, he actually slept- and didn't need to be let out until close to 5 a.m. He's such a good "uncle" to the new kitty.

I've been cleaning house all day because guess what!!?? I'm actually having house guests Sunday!! People really DO like us and want to come visit! I kid. And our company is only my parents and my in-laws, but still, I have some people to entertain! We are heading to Greenwood tomorrow for dinner with the family, followed by one last outing to Webster's for Uncle Bubba's birthday party. (I hope the party begins early, because that's the only time I can make it...) Saturday is BABY SHOWER DAY!! We are excited, can't you tell? Then Saturday night, I will be back in Little Rock, in my own bed, getting up every other hour to either pee or remove feet from my rib cage. The joys of pregnancy. :) Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! See you Greenwood folks soon!

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