Tuesday, June 21, 2011

French Toast? Who Knew!!!

Ok, so I wouldn't necessarily say I write a "food blog". However, it seems that I post about food a lot. (Imagine that.) Ashlyn's Nana sent some fresh blueberries our way this past Sunday. I used to not like them, but for some reason, I do now. Another thing I used to hate? French toast. You couldn't get me to try that stuff. I've never even cooked it before. Daniel doesn't usually eat it either, and neither does Ash. So what do I do? Make french toast with blueberries for breakfast and it was the most absolute amazing thing I've ever eaten in my life. Seriously. Come to Little Rock and I will so cook you some.

Breakfast was definitely a highlight of my day. Know what the most major highlight of this day is?!?! Kristin's at the hospital. Having a baby. Right now. I'm super excited. REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I was there. If anyone has a spare airplane sitting around and a pilot's license swing by Meridian, pick me up, and deliver me to Memphis, please! A helicoptor would work, also. I can't wait to meet "baby girl"!! (Yeah- still no name yet....) Updates to follow!!

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