Sunday, June 26, 2011

Casseroles and Canning

Daniel and I have spent the better part of our Sunday afternoon cooking. I decided we needed some casseroles in the freezer for when we have our baby (!) and our garden is beginning to produce. The garden is especially producing a lot of jalapeno peppers and a TON of zucchini. So, we made chicken spaghetti (per Ashlyn's request) and some fantastic squash and zucchini dressing.
Let me just take a time out to talk about the dressing. [(MOM) This, that you see in the pic, is squash dressing- and I added zucchini to it because we have a load of it that needs to be used. This is NOT squash casserole. It is dressing with squash and zucchini in it. It is NOT what you call squash dressing. What you call squash dressing is actually squash casserole! Some people put chicken or turkey in their dressing, but this particular squash and zucchini dressing has squash and zucchini in it-no meat- just a vegetable filled dressing. Does this make sense now?] Sorry- my mom and I have argued in the past about what exactly "squash dressing" is. And here it is!
Also, ta-da! It's our first attempt at canning. Oh, believe me- there will be a lot more where this came from. And yes- it's only 2 jars, but come on- it's a start. And our very first time. Ok, so it's Daniel's very first time- I didn't help at all nor could I if I wanted to, because I know nothing about canning. This weekend, jalapenos, next weekend, pickles! If you're nice to me, I'll share some of our canned goodness with you that is to come this summer. :)

P.S.- Thanks for the new pictures, Kiki! I expect a new updated photo of Sofie Jayne every day from now on. :) Thanks!

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