Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My "visitor"

I just ran across this picture and wanted to share it with yall.  Let me set the scene first- it was bright and early one morning.  I went to the window to open the curtains and there staring back at me was this rather large "thing". It was a turkey/chicken.  Weird right? Exactly. I quickly closed the curtain back (because, let's face it, I was pretty freaked out by this thing) I know I live in the middle of nowhere... but this is the stuff I have to deal with??  I decided no one was going to believe me when I told the story about the monster bird at my window, so I grabbed the camera for evidence. When I went back to the window, it was gone. Great. That's when I heard the turkey yell coming from my back door. I went to the back door to find this bird apparently wanting in.  It was there for a couple hours before I got sick of it and let the cat and dog out to chase it off, which they successfully did.  And we've never heard from the monster bird again. (Daniel informed me later it was a guinea hen..?? I probably didn't spell that right)  These hens are very annoying creatures that I hope I never have to deal with ever again. Guess this is just another part of living in the hills! 


  1. Love it! I too am having to learn how to live in the middle of nowhere, lol. I just thought Carrollton was country!! Now, about the Guineas (and you did spell it right!), they are annoying, but from what I gather, they are pretty useful creatures to have around. They eat snakes..LOTS of snakes. And apparently they will also make tons of noise when people come to your house, lol...like some type of alien mixed breed guard dog. Ken wants us to get some this year, so we will see, lol! They are extremely ugly little creatures, arent they?!

  2. I heard the same thing about how they are like guard dogs..ugly, loud guard dogs.. but I will NEVER own one. When this one was here it didn't shut up for 2 hours. If I'm living in the middle of nowhere I want some quiet!! Be careful if you get some- they are scary if you ask me!!!