Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home-made pizza night!

So,  the good thing about having a 7 year old is that I can take any idea of mine, place it in her head, then before long it was all her idea.  Meaning- I really badly wanted pizza.  But I'm trying to keep it healthy.  So, I guess a homemade pizza would be better than ordering out, right? But I would feel really guilty about eating pizza, especially since I went a little over my 2 pound a month weight gain at my last doctor's visit. :(  I'm trying to do better!!  Anywho,  Ashlyn and I went shopping.  I passed the pizza miking kits.  I looked at Ashlyn and immediately stopped in front of the pizza stuff.  I asked Ash what she wanted for dinner.  "Maybe hamburger helper?" I quickly shot that idea down.  "What else?" I asked.  "How about a chef salad?" she said. Nope- guess again.  I literally reached over and knocked the pizza kit onto the floor 'accidentally'.  That was when Ash had the great idea to make a homemade pizza for dinner.  Thanks Ashlyn!! You know I'd do anything for you!  If pizza is what Ashlyn wants, then that will be what Daniel and I eat for dinner as well!  We do try to eat something green with dinner every night, so I did add a small salad with it... but I'm sure choosing ranch dressing completely canceled that out.  (But, hey, it was light ranch dressing..)  And guess what I'm doing right now? Eating pie and blogging.  I should probably go for a walk after this before the rain comes...

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