Friday, February 18, 2011

7 going on 17

Just showing off a little of Ashlyn's artwork.  I've always been a completely cover up the fridge with stuff kind of gal, but unfortunately our stainless fridge isn't magnetic.  I took complete advantage, though, of the side of the fridge that is magnetic.  So all of the art that Ash brings home gets taped to the cabinets.  I get to enjoy it every day. :)
Now. Let me just tell you what my child did last night.  I just the other day couldn't wait to get on here and brag about her, and then this.  So, Thursday morning, Ashlyn was in quite a foul mood.  Daniel and I decided she should go to bed early Thursday night, because she could then catch up on her sleep and get ready for the Cooper's to come over for our bonfire Friday night.  Fridays, when Daniel is off work, we get to sleep late.  Instead of the usual 5:45 a.m., we get to sleep until 6:30.  Daniel was up first. He went to turn on Ashlyn's light in her bedroom and discovered she wasn't there.  Instead, she was all cozy on the couch under my heating blanket watching Strawberry Shortcake.  Assuming that she had just gotten up at her usual 6, Daniel wasn't going to think anything about it.  Until Ashlyn said that she had already watched The Last Song. And Good Luck Charlie.  We had just downloaded Netflix on the WII Thursday night after Ash went to bed.  So her intentions, actually, were to wake up at 1 and play the WII.  But she ran across the Netflix icon and just decided to help herself, even though she knew nothing about what this was on the WII.  So then Daniel asked exactly what time she got up.  She woke up and 1 a.m.  BIG MISTAKE.  I walked in.  IT'S A SCHOOL NIGHT!  What on earth was she thinking?? Then Daniel noticed that the laptop was not in the same place we had left it last night.  She knows she is not allowed on the computer unless Daniel or I see the web address she wants to go to.  But she completely disregarded this rule- heck, Daniel and I were in bed, how were we supposed to know she had been on the computer?? She didn't cover her tracks well enough.  Let me remind you, she just turned 7.  So, I asked her to tell me what websites she had visited.  She said only Nick Jr and PBS Kids. Silly me- I believed her.  It was right before school, and it's test day so I didn't want to punish her just yet to upset her before school.  Daniel and I dropped Ash off at school and headed to Philadelphia to do some shopping.  On the way, I checked facebook on my phone.  And just guess what I discovered.  My 7 year old got on my computer, got on my faceook account, found my mom's page on facebook, and left her a message on her wall.  AT 5 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING.  She's in big time trouble when she gets home..... 

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  1. You got it right - 7 going on 17! I'm thinking she is going to be in some serious trouble when she gets home!!