Sunday, February 20, 2011

Because I Said So!

Ashlyn Dressed herself for church this morning.  Which is fine.  Accept all of the "costume jewelry" going up one arm and down the other.
me- You have perfectly fine church jewelry to wear, and to be honest, that neon orange bracelet doesn't match the red flowers on your dress.
Ash- but I wanna wear this!
me- sorry, but no. Let's find a pretty necklace and bracelet.
Ash- but why can't I wear these bracelets, mom? I'm big enough to dress myself!
me- I know you are, but we all sometimes have a lapse of judgement on what to wear, and what not to wear, and you can't wear neon colored plastic bracelets to church.  Thank goodness you have me here to help you with you wardrobe choices, you know?
Ash- yeah, thanks mom. But why can't I wear this?
me- BECAUSE I SAID SO! Now go sit on the couch and wait for me and Daniel.

The finished product sure did look cute!! (and after church, we all went to brunch at Weidmann's- for those of you who don't know, it's me new fave restaurant- a cross between Giardina's and Crystal Grill- I had the eggs benedict with roasted pork loin- PHENOMENAL! And Daniel said his reuben was the best he'd ever had... If you are in Meridian- eat there!!!) 

Now, back to my hammock......

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