Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thank Heavens!!

Mississippi State football returns TONIGHT!!! Good thing- because I have waited long enough!

We are soooo having a party! I'm gonna try to cook some Buffalo Chicken Bites that I found while searching around Pinterest. And Ashlyn wants some cheese. She's so easy to please. Good thing she's been kissing up to me and Daniel and finally got herself un-grounded. When we mentioned having no TV meant not getting to watch the game tonight, she was devastated. But she quickly began doing right again- plus I just don't have the heart to take football away from her!

Kittrell has been enjoying his mobile lately. We are so happy that he's finally paying attention to things more, and playing and laughing. (Which also means he doesn't sleep as much during the day- so more time sleeping at night for Mama and Daddy!)
Here's some pictures of him playing this morning! (And properly dressed in his game day attire, of course!)

Go State!!!

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