Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Our party was super great.  Ashlyn got to ring her cowbell a whole lot!!  And my chicken balls? (ha) They were great!  I suggest you try them.  You can get the recipe from my Pinterest page.  On my food pinboard.  Just click on it and follow the link there. (I suggest more hot sauce, though.)  Anywho, It's Friday!  Football returns and dove season opens all in the same weekend??  Wow, we're lucky.  Way down here at our house, it's supposed to start raining tomorrow ( from the dang tropical storm in the gulf).  Hopefully the rain won't reach the delta until after Daniel kills us a lot of yummy doves to cook.  We'll see!  Happy Labor Day weekend, yall!
Buffalo Chicken Bites- Yummy!!!!

That random spray bottle sitting behind Ashlyn? We use that to tame ninja cat when
she's climbing walls, curtains, couches, etc...  Ashlyn thoroughly enjoys spraying her
cat with water.  It's almost kind of evil.

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