Thursday, September 29, 2011


So it was a typical weeknight here at the Smith house.  Kittrell was fed, swaddled, and in the bed.  Ashlyn was in her bed waiting to get tucked in by me and Daniel.  I was going over all the usuals-  "Are you sure you did all of your homework?", etc.  I then looked over to see again when her science test was this week.  No worries, it's not till Friday.  I quickly glanced over some of the study guide to ask her a few quick questions to see if she had, if fact, been studying ahead of time for it.  I read a particular sentence and got super confused.  "That's not a word", I thought to myself.  But I also didn't want to be wrong.  So I handed the study guide to Daniel and pointed to the sentence.  He was just as confused as I was.  Ok, so either they've invented a new word since Monday, or else Ashlyn's teacher is a dumba$$.  I re-read the sentence several times, thinking, "Well, she's the teacher, not me.  So she has to be right.  I guess it's just a super fancy word that I've never heard of.  Not sure why she's throwing it around with 2nd graders, but maybe she's right."   
I'll let you look it over and see if you find it....

I got online and looked it up.  All I was getting was the verb definition for 'warn'.  I kept digging and did, in fact, find the word warners, which is a noun.  And it means someone's name.


That's where your tax money's going, Newton County.  Way to go.

P.S.- this is HAND WRITTEN, not a typo!!

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