Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Camp...

Ok, so I may have figured out why men love their hunting camps so much.  It's gotta be the food!  (at least I'd like to think that's the reason..) I tagged along with Daniel and all the men after our dove hunt to the hunting camp.  An awesome hunting camp, at that.  We got to watch some football ( I still feel bad for Ole Miss!) and what else? EAT! 
I need want one of these!

Tin kitchen? Yes, please!

I really liked this guy...

Can we say "fresh cut tuna"?!

It keeps getting better and better and better!

We had sushi, grilled tuna, pan seared tuna, some of the best grilled shrimp I've ever eaten in my life, and pasta.  I need to find out when these guys are cooking again, because I swear I think I'm just gonna show up.  (If I can remember how to get out to the camp, that is.)

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