Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Almost There!!

O.k.  So, we've got a ton of stuff moved already!!  And I already have that "Where the heck is all this stuff gonna fit!?" feeling.  Plus, we don't even have all of Daniel's furniture yet, and I still have a few things in storage left in Greenwood.  At least we will definitely have a full house in the next month or so I hope!  Poor Ashlyn is already sick of moving.  I just picked her up from school and told her we were coming by the house to get another load, and I don;t think I have ever heard that child sigh so loud before in her life.  We don't have the internet/ phone hooked up at the new house yet, so it'll be next week before I can upload some more pics on our progress so far  I'm off to move the last of the stuff! ( I really wish I could leave the rest of it behind!)  Wish us luck, and see you guys next week!!

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