Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Back!!! (But only for a bit)

Hey!!!!!! Oh my goodness! It feels so great to get to blog again! I volunteered today to work the slushy machine at Ashlyn's school, and it is raining way to hard for me to drive all the way home to Little Rock, just to turn around and come back to pick Ashlyn up from school at 3. So, I decided to visit my husband at work and take over his computer!!! Well, the house is coming along nicely! We are hopefully going to Memphis this weekend to get the rest of our furniture then we will oficially be through moving!! YAY!! I have so many pictures to share.... but they can't be uploaded on Daniel's heavily monitored government computer :(  So, I'm gonna have to ask you to be patient with me a while longer..  Here's the problem- we live in the middle of nowhere. The only internet service our phone company can offer us is dial up. (No thank you.) So, we are looking into getting a service from Best Buy or something like that that is high speed.  The only problem is, the high speed stuff isn't compatable with my old lap top.  So we have to get a new computer. And I want a brand new awesome one!  So, I've gotta save some money!!! I should give the computer back now.. I will update some more soon!! (If not I will hijack Daniel's computer again)  Have a great Tuesday!!!

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