Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Work, Work, and More Work!

So I warned Ashlyn on Monday to be prepared to be picked up from school each day this week and head out to the new home.  Apparently she doesn't listen well. I say this because we don't have running water yet, and she is only 6, and so her bladder... well you know. Ashlyn, however, was very excited that she has been "yard potty trained". (DO NOT TELL HER I TOLD YOU!) I started the fun task of ripping out old shelf paper today, only to find that the previous owners put their new shelf paper on top of the shelp paper that had already been there. Also, when the previous owner painted, they painted on top of the old shelf paper- total mess. Why do I have such good faith in previous home owners? LAZY!!!!!! Thankfully, Daniel pulled up with a very nice surprise!!! Paint for the 3 bedrooms!!! As much as Ashlyn has complained about me choosing a fabulous purple for her room, she sure seemed to enjoy it today!!!  I have to say I was too tired to begin painting but when Daniel unveiled the adult beverages I was ready!!! 

One of the reasons I love my husband so much has to be because of what happened this afternoon- As time went by while we were painting Daniel asked me if I had my notebook. My super important notebook. My notebook full of to-do lists for the house. My notebook full of all the measurements for paint, moldings, and trim. Absolutely everything we need is written down in this notebook. Along with my paint colors. Which is why he took it to Philadelphia with him today to buy us some paint.  He did all of this for me, and then realized in a split second he had left my super important notebook at Lowe's!!! In the buggy!!! Surely I married someone smarter, right?!?!?!  Nope. But he did get in his truck and drive all the way back just for me. Well, for me and for the fact that he wouldn't have to measure all over again.  Now my notebook is back with me where it belongs! ( I will go with him to Lowe's next time!!)

I also just wanna sneak in here that I am officially a Gleek. Did anyone else watch the season premiere of Glee? Loved it!!

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