Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still Going, and Going, and Going

I've always thought of myself as being a little redneck, every time I see Ashlyn's b.b.gun propped up by the back door.  Plus I never thought it would ever get used.  However, Daniel and I were on the couch recuperating from a long day of painting when we were heard my cat Sophie start screaming. (To be honest, we, shamelessly,were watching Jersey Shore, and I thought the cat fight noise was a sound effect on the show at first. Because, let's face it, the girls always fight. And I guess this means that I've admitted to viewing more than one episode since I know all about the girl's fighting habits.)  Daniel and I jumped up and ran outside, me screaming,"Get the b.b. gun!!!!!" We found my poor Sophie in the bushes and another mean cat was running off- just wanted to make sure there weren't any raccoons harassing my cat!!!  See? When would I have ever been concerned about raccoons? And chase after animals with a b.b.gun? Yep, the hills will do that to you.

Daniel and I went to Lowe's again yesterday and bought more paint!! (I held on to my notebook this time!) And I completely all at once changed my dining room/ hallway paint color. Daniel seems more pleased with the new color rather than my original one anyways, so I guess I did a good thing!

I've never had good luck. In fact I've usually just had bad luck.  I did win a Viking grill in a raffle once a long time ago, but my dad bought the ticket so that was all his luck. Apparently, my husband has the same luck, if not worse, than I do. For example- We found the perfect kitchen faucet yesterday and- lucky for us- it was on sale! It had the pull out faucet that turns into a sprayer and was the perfect brushed finish color I had been searching for.  Only when we got ready to pay, we had the wrong one. The one we picked up was not on sale, and they were out of the one that was on sale. But they looked exactly alike!! Dude at Lowe's could have helped us out a little...

We put the finishing touches on the bedrooms, and started painting the inside of the cabinets, which I found to be a very big pain.  Luckily, I got to take a break and go pick up Ashlyn and her friends from school. I took the kids to Newton to McDonald's to meet their mom when she got off work. O.k., so I have three kids who are hungry and wanna play, so I took their happy meal orders and went to go get them, only to find out that Mcdonald's system had been down and hasn't rebooted yet. So they can't take a credit card. Really? I have no cash. Well then lady, why don't you go tell the kids they don't get a happy meal because your McDonald's stinks! Fix it!! Ash, GG, and B let me know how disappointed they were in me that I didn't have any cash. Well, not Georgia cause she's too sweet. But Ashlyn and B threw fits.

After that I took Ashlyn to her dad. On the way back to Little Rock to do some more work, I stopped in Newton and got a case of beer and a bucket of chicken. My husband loves me. :)

So ready for our first family cookout next weekend!! I think that's the motivation for me and Daniel this weekend and week- we want as much done as possible before the family comes!

And Happy Wedding Day to Lindsay and Matthew!! Wish we could be in Florida with you guys!!

Heading back to the house- will post some more pics soon!!


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