Tuesday, September 21, 2010

As promised, here are the before pictures of the house!!!
The kitchen!
We like the blue, just not that shade. So we will be going with what Daniel and I call "Miller Lite" blue. And it came with these awesome fairly new stainless appliances!! (except for the microwave- I took that from my mom)
"Mud type room"
Was originally supposed to be a dining room, but there's just not enough room... not really enough for me to make a breakfast nook out of it.
Oh but I do have big plans for this space!

The laundry room
Needs shelves, right? Exactly what we were thinking! Thanks, Dad!!

and yes- that is camoflauge.
I told Daniel I really wanted a yellow room. With white and aqua accents that I personally think will all look good with our dark brown furniture and Daniel's mom's awesome retro furniture that I spray painted white with the helpful advice from Mary Neff. Oh yes- and floor to ceiling bookshelves with aqua colored backs and a bar on the back white wall!!! YAY!!!! I am most excited about redoing this room! Hope everything goes well!!

Dining room/ Entrance
I love my fireplace!! And the slanted ceiling. (cant' really tell from the pic) But it's a great place to hang some art! Christmas present anyone??

(which will be full of pictures, just like Granny's house)

Hallway/ the Girl's bathroom
I think I'm just gonna leave this one alone...

Ashlyn's room (which will be purple)

Guest room (or as Ashlyn told my mom- her "baby brother or sister's room-and I promise I didn't tell her to say that!) It will eventually be a brown-ish color.

Our bedroom!! Sorry folks- I'm so not keeping this color!! Hopefully in the next couple of days it will be gray!

Master bath/ Daniel's bathroom
I'm trying to push him towards a regular ole' tan color for this one, simply because he absolutely would not go for my black and white bathroom idea.

Home Sweet Home!!
I will definatley post some outside pics later- we have lots to do outside as well!!

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