Monday, September 27, 2010

Anyone Wanna Pack For Me?!?

I can definitely say I feel a sense of accomplishment from the weekend. Don't get me wrong- I wanted to throw my paint brush across the room several times and throw a hissy fit- but I held my composure and finished the majority of the painting today.  We haven't started on the living room yet, though... and that camouflage gets worse and worse every day! But, the living room will serve as out storage area until we get unpacked, so no need to start on that just yet.

First up, here's the inside of our cabinets before we painted them.  Let me point out that I could have gone with regular ol' shelf paper, but no.  Daniel wanted them painted.  And let me tell this was not a fun task.  Half way through the painting process, Daniel asked why we decided to paint the cabinets... Your idea honey!!! Not mine!!!
And then the finished product...

And we also finished our bedroom!! Just waiting for the Fed Ex man to bring us our new comforter and curtains... Thanks Mom!!

I don't think I have ever seen a brown room before. But I really wanted one. And I am really happy with how the guest room turned out. I may sleep in there a lot... Especially because it's at the front of the house with a nice view over looking the pasture- very nice to wake up to!

I think I love Ashlyn's room more and more every day!! ( Don't mind the furniture, it's not all together yet!!)

My hallway- I love how this color brightens it up!

And the dining room...

And let me throw in this brag pic- yep, this is what we get to look out the front of the house and see. I know, we are looking for someone with a tractor to clean it up a bit... but we have deer run through our pasture!! I love fall!

Here's our "miller lite" blue kitchen!!

And the mud room and laundry rooms in the same blue..

Abel is the first one in the family to move out to the new house.. he seems to be enjoying it!

Ashlyn "worked hard" helping Daniel put our house number up by the front gate!!

I feel great about how the house is coming together, but will feel even better once we get the outside of the cabinets in the kitchen painted!!

P.S.- Ashlyn's team won at soccer tonight!! Not to brag, but the other team's coach said to just call the game in the middle of the 4th quarter because there was no way they could catch up... Go Brazil!!

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