Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tylenol! Please!!

Ashlyn's room!!! I am in love with that purple!!

The Master bedroom!! Coming along nicely???

What a day! However, my back is killing me!!! I got Ashlyn's room and my bedroom painted!! And yay for Daniel for coming out and doing the trim work for me!! It's getting closer to moving day!! While I was sitting there painting today, I couldn't help but constantly think about mine and Daniel's friends who are all in Florida this week getting ready for some wedding fun Saturday.... boo!!!!! "Just think happy thoughts, Lauren!!," is what I would tell myself, but yeah- that didn't work!!!  At the end of the day, Ashlyn and I packed up shop and came back home... and then reality kicked me in the butt!!!  Dirty kitchen, dirty clothes, tons of school papers to fill out for Ashlyn, raffle ticket money and form are due tomorrow maybe- (and last I checked Daniel had that so I dunno where that is!)- and so much more to do!! I was so wanting to go to bed early tonight... maybe tomorrow???? All I know is I need some tylenol!!!

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