Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My First "Traffic Jam"

Decatur is definitely a quiet little town.  Unlike greenwood, you never see a cop riding around looking for someone to harass.  I started to think there weren't any police officers around anywhere! I have, on occasion seen a sheriff car out on the highway, but that's about it.  I did find out, though, there is at least police officer around here because he directs traffic in and out of Ashlyn's school every morning. The highway her school is on stays pretty busy in the a.m.'s.  And all the parents and bus drivers who drop their kids off really do appreciate this police guy.  Today, however, is when we all found out just how important this guy really is!!  As I turned onto the highway this morning taking Ashlyn to schhol, I heard sirens- this a first for me!  Then, I noticed the guy driving the cop car was the traffic guy.. Can he really just leave us all hanging like that? There really must be only one police officer in Decatur!!  Why did someone have to go have a wreck and take the directer of traffic and NCES?! (I hope whomever involved in the wreck is o.k.!)  And much to my horror, when I got to the turn at Ashlyn's school, traffic was majorly backed up!!! It took almost 10 minutes to get out of there after I dropped Ashlyn off! (And that is a long time for such a small town!)  Ashlyn even noticed the traffic and said, "Wow, mom. Glad I don;t have to wait in the traffic to get out of here!" Thanks for the support, honey!  So, people of Decatur, let's practice extreme safety while driving in the mornings so that our school can keep its traffic cop on patrol. Because I don't do good in "traffic jams".  Thanks!

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